Wifi TV

WiFi TV is also like normal television used in daily life. The only difference is that these televisions are WiFi enabled. With WiFi TV, it is possible to connect with other electronic devices without the use of any cables or plugs. As one uses WiFi on laptops to connect to internet through WiFi enabled modem, the same can be done with WiFi TV. It can also be used to access internet, play games or watch videos wirelessly. The only requirement is that the connected device should also be WiFi compatible.

WiFi TV has evolved as the latest development in the world of television. Until recently, LCD and LED televisions were regarded as benchmarks in technology. But now, the modern televisions led by HDTV (High Definition Television) have taken the front seat. While HDTV requires cable to connect with computers and other devices, WiFi TV does not need anything like that. It is just pure wireless connection. WiFi TV contains a specific WiFi port which makes it possible to form wireless connections.
Wifi TV

Are WiFi TVs Absolutely Necessary?

WiFi TV is a requirement for comfortable living. On one hand, WiFi televisions are internet ready and on the other, they provide complete flexibility and options for multiple device connections to your television by virtue of wireless connection feature. So if it would not be for comfort, you can easily do it with any other form of television.

Necessity can never be a static factor. It is in fact dynamic and depends on your personal preferences. If you are a tech savvy person who has nice taste for products embracing modern features, you are bound to have a WiFi TV on your room. Since the television is internet ready, there is no necessity to turn off your television and switch on your laptop for browsing the internet. As soon as you are done with your favorite show on your WiFi TV, you can immediately connect it to internet and explore the web, all of which on the same television.

You might be thinking whether WiFi TV can really take the place of your desktop computers or notebooks. In a way you are right for your concerns, but let you be informed that WiFi TV holds no bar for browsing the internet. In fact, Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Youtube, Skype will not appear different on WiFi TV meaning that you do not need to compromise on anything. Moreover, you can also avail services from sites like Netflix and enjoy watching your favorite movies. Since you are used to watch online movies on your laptop, the average screen size of which is fourteen inch, you will be truly scintillated by the amazing experience of watching the same movie on demand on your wide screened WiFi TV.

It is not just about the internet experience on a WiFi TV. It has made playing games extremely easier. The tangles of wire that needed to be connected previously now can be done wirelessly easing all the hassles involved with it. Viewing pictures on WiFi TV makes you feel that you are living the very moment and takes you back to the place where you clicked that photo. Just imagine, a constant flash back in the past brought about by watching pictures on your WiFi TV will feel you even more connected with your loved ones.

For social networking, you require keyboards and mouse to paste your feelings into your wall. To do that, you can either use a wireless keyboard that works with your WiFi TV or get one that has a USB cable which you can connect to the USB port on your television. After all you will want to make sure that your interaction with online applications on your television is as memorable as possible.

Popular WiFi TVs Introduced by Major Brands

Giant television producing companies like Samsung, Sony, LG have floated different versions and models of WiFi televisions in the market. Samsung leads the race here as well followed closely by Sony and other companies. Samsung has branded these televisions as smart TVs capable of doing almost anything from streamlining movies from Netflix to viewing Twitter and other social networking sites.

You do not need to worry if you miss your favorite show. You can always catch the episode with on demand request to content providers. You can enjoy thousands of movies, songs, videos, games and features like AccuWeather and Google maps, all these can be accessed easily on your Samsung WiFi TV.

With Samsung, you van enjoy thousands of apps, most of which are free while some are commercial apps requiring payment. Just register your TV set on Samsung by connecting your PC to Samsung App Center and get exclusive access to all Samsung apps. You can get Samsung smart TVs on three different sizes at forty, forty six and fifty five inches. The costs of WiFi TV vary with manufacturer; however, on average these televisions cost around twelve hundred dollars. But one thing is sure that the prices are going to drop as soon as the technology is further developed.

Sony has got its own features with its Bravia series of WiFi TVs. They are available in thirty two inches, forty inches and forty six inches screen sizes. Most of the features and specifications of these ranges of televisions are similar to Samsung. Sony has claimed that it is the first to introduce Google TV in its HDTV’s. Google TV provides you complete access to internet. Sony has tried to narrow the gap between a personal computer and a television set. Sony’s WiFi TV has features like dual view, Qwerty keyboard with mini remote control, various internet apps like NBA, Android, Napster, Pandora, Twitter, etc.

Sony WiFi TV also provides a unique option on its remote control. It has a special widget button which on pressing gives you exclusive access to internet downloadable applications. With this feature, you can easily know the current stock quote, weather report, sport news and other latest news and information happening around the globe.